Fm 200 fire suppression system company in the philippines


FM-200 fire suppression system extinguishes fires mainly by physically cooling the flame; removing heat from the flame to the extent that the combustion reaction cannot sustain itself. it’s keep as a liquefied gas under pressure, so, relatively, the installation needs fewer cylinders and is smaller and a lot of value effective than with different agents in accordance with NFPA 2001 and/or agency listings.

9 Reason We Should Use FM-200 Fire Suppression System

  1. Non-contaminating gaseous
  2. Fire protection Designed to protect critical assets and processes without Consequential damage
  3. Odorless
  4. Colorless
  5. Fast
  6. Electrically non- conductive gas
  7. Type / Class A, B, C fire
  8. Safe to use in occupied areas Tried and tested through Thousands of installations around the world
  9. Environmentally Friendly 

22 Best Application of FM-200 Fire Suppression

  1. Marine vessels
  2. Pharmaceutical and medical facilities
  3. Air traffic control centers
  4. Historical archive storage
  5. Financial networks
  6. Control rooms
  7. Record storage facilities
  8. Telecommunication networks / centres / facilities
  9. Data centers
  10. offshore Oil / gas exploration and production Facilities
  11. Art galleries
  12. Medical facilities.
  13. UPS Rooms
  14. Data centers and server rooms
  15. Museums
  16. Medical equipment
  17. Computer rooms
  18. Electric utilities
  19. DATA Centres
  20. Museums and libraries
  21. Comms Rooms
  22. Telecommunication facilities

6 Common Parts of Fm-200 Fire Suppression System ?

  1. Control Unit
  2. Smoke Detection
  3. Heat Detection
  4. Suppression Cylinders
  5. Notification Devices
  6. Manual Pull Statio

Preventive Maintenance of FM-200 (PM)

Before exchange batteries, disconnect AC power. Batteries ought to get replaced a minimum of once every thirty six months, or as directed by the government agency Having Jurisdiction. don’t install a battery set whose electric circuit voltage is a smaller amount than twenty two volts.

Leading Manufacturers and Brands of FM-200​

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