What Is Kitchen Fire Suppression System (KFSS)

Kitchen Fire Suppression System with Gas Leak Detection is a fire Automatic suppression system designed exclusively for professional kitchens, we supply and install lehavot or LVT brand, Kidde brand, amerex brand and ansul Brand. It is recognized worldwide by restaurant owners, insurance companies and local fire inspectors as the most efficient solution to controlling the high fire hazard in professional kitchens, without endangering guests or staff of the restaurant. It reacts quickly to a fire before it has the opportunity to grow and spread, automatically, with or without staff intervention and 24 hours a day. It covers all the kitchen types whatever its configuration and whatever the cooking appliances are, from the simplest one to the most complex.

Why You Need KFSS

  1. Automatically works 24/7
  2. No Damage to your other business asset like appliances
  3. No electronics/electrical work on most systems
  4. Protect your business 24/7
  5. Required by Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) for Application of Fire Safety Inspection Certification (FSIC) for your restaurant Business
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8 Common Parts of Kitchen Fire Suppression System

  1. Detectors or Fusible link
  2. Manual Discharge Switches
  3. System Agent
  4. Release Device or Mechanical Release Module (MRM)
  5. Gas mechanical Shutoff  valve 
  6. Agent Storage Cylinder Tank
  7. Mounting Brackets
  8. Discharge Nozzle
fusible link in kitchen fire suppression system

Detectors or Fusible link

Electrical solder type link which will melt at a predetermined temperature, letting the two halves of the link to separate, performing the extinguishing agent

manual pull station ansul brand for kitchen fire suppression system

Manual Discharge Switches

Every Kitchen Fire Suppression System should have at least one manual pull station providing a means of initiating the system manually if necessary

bracket in kitchen fire suppression system

Fusible link Bracket

This Metal bracket was designed as a frame to support the fusible link activation properly and not by accident

Gas shut off valve for kitchen fire suppression system

Gas Shut off Valve

A Mechanical Gas shut off Valve is required on systems used to defend gas-fueled equipment (appliances). Upon system activation, the force on the control stem is released, closing the valve and stopping the movement of the gas to the appliances or equipment.

kitchen fire suppression nozzle

Discharge Nozzle

Liquid agent stored under pressure, when initiated it is transmitted through a delivery network and discharged through nozzles

Agent Storage cylinder tank for kitchen fire suppression system

Agent Storage Cylinder Tank

Agent Storage Cylinder tank is a pre-engineered tank for pressurized content use only for the kitchen fire suppression system.

Mechanical Release Module MRM for kitchen fire suppression system

Release Device or Mechanical Release Module (MRM)

This Mechanical Release Module will initiate when the fusible link divides in a fire condition with the certain temperature and releases tension on the cable creating a loaded spring to actuate the cylinder discharge valve

General Design Procedure

  • Hazard Analysis
  • Nozzle Selection, Number and Location
  • Cylinder( Location, Size, Quantity)
  • Detector Selection
  •  Piping Layout
  • Auxiliary Requirements

Preventive Maintenance of Kitchen Fire System

Based On NFPA 17A (Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems) and NFPA 96 (Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations) the Gas Leak Detection and Kitchen fire Suppression System (KFSS) should check by the owner Monthly and Should Maintain by fire protection specialist like hepdro fire protection Philippines Semi-Annually.

List of Brands We Supply and Install

Lehavot or LVT UL/FM

Lehavot kitchen fire protection system came from the Israel with 70 yrs of experience in fire protection. Heres the list of certification of Lehavot Kitchen Fire Suppression Brand. UL/FM

Leading Manufacturer and Brands of (KFSS)

Books, Website and Other References:

  • NFPA
  • 3M
  • kidde
  • NFPA 17 – Standard on Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems
  • NFPA 96 – Standard for the Installation of Equipment for the Removal of Smoke and Grease Laden Vapors from Commercial Cooking Equipment

Other Brands Videos

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