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A fire detection and alarm system ( FDAS ) provides audible and visual signals as a result of the operation of manual or automatic fire alarm initiating devices such as a Manual Fire Alarm station, smoke detector or heat detector of from other protective equipment such as a fire sprinkler system.

Types of FDAS Fire Detection & Alarm System

Addressable (FDAS) Fire Detection and Alarm System

Addressable alarm systems display the location of each initiat-ing device on the FACU and an annunciator panel if provided. This connection enables emergency respond-ers to pinpoint the specific device that has been activated. Addressable systems reduce the amount of time that it takes to respond to emergency situations. These systems also allow repair personnel to quickly locate and correct malfunctions in the system.
addressable fire detection and alarm system fdas
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Advantages of Addressable FDAS

  • Easier to install.
  • More system status information at the panel and central station.
  • Input/Output programming much more flexible.
  • Usually much more room available to expand.

Conventional (FDAS) Fire Detection and Alarm System

The devices connected to the zones are grouped so that heat and smoke detectors also called automatic detectors are on different zones that the manual fire alarm stations or other initiating devices. Using this method of zoning the areas of the building and the devices the conventional system can provide information to the responding personnel as to the location of the fire and the type of device that initiated the alarm.
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Advantages of Conventional FDAS

  • Lower initial equipment costs.
  • Wide range of compatible devices.
  • Can be easier to program.
  • Limited expansion capability.

Semi-Addressable (FDAS) Fire Detection and Alarm System

fire alarm system wiring diagram - Fire Alarm Wiring Diagram Collection

Why We Need FDAS

  1. Detecting a fire at an early stage
  2. Alerting and evacuating occupants
  3. Identifying and guiding fire fighters
  4. Notifying the relevant personnel
  5. Activating auxiliary functions

Common FDAS Devices

  • Fire Alarm Control Panel ( FACP ) or Fire Alarm Control Uniti ( FACU )
  • Manual pull stations ( Detection Device )
  • Smoke detectors ( Detection Device )
  • Flame detectors ( Detection Device )
  • Heat detectors ( Detection Device )
  • Combination detectors ( Detection Device )
  • Waterflow devices ( Detection Device )
  • Air-Pressure Devices ( Detection Device )
  • Fire Alarm Bells ( Notification Devices )
  • Fire Alarm Buzzers ( Notification Devices )
  • Fire Alarm Horns ( Notification Devices )
  • Fire Alarm Speakers ( Notification Devices )
  • Fire Alarm Strobe lights ( Notification Devices )
  • Fire Alarm Horn-strobe ( Notification Devices )
  • Power Supply Battery ( Back Up )

Application of FDAS

  • Art galleries
  • Data centers and server rooms
  • Electric utilities
  • DATA Centres
  • Computer rooms
  • Historical archive storage
  • Financial networks
  • Medical equipment
  • Museums
  • Medical facilities.
  • Data centers
  • Marine vessels
  • Pharmaceutical and medical facilities
  • UPS Rooms
  • Museums and libraries
  • offshore Oil / gas exploration and production Facilities
  • Air traffic control centers
  • Control rooms
  • Comms Rooms
  • Record storage facilities
  • Telecommunication networks / centres / facilities
  • Telecommunication facilities