What is Novec 1230 FIre Suppression System ?

Novec 1230 fluid revolutionized the fire protection market 15 years ago. Today, with more than 50,000 system installations in over 90 countries, and the approvals to back up our promises, we continue to move the industry forward with the purpose of delivering a solution that is designed to work now and for years to come. All clean agents are not the same. For example, HFC-227ea, sold under the FM-200® brand, is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) clean agent – which is a potent greenhouse gas. Due to their high global warming potentials (GWP), time is running out for HFCs, including FM-200. Novec 1230 fluid revolutionized the clean agent market in 2001 and now sets a new standard for sustainable clean agent fire suppression. Its unique dielectric properties and low vapor pressure yields design advantages to satisfy your top priority – protecting your assets. These advantages include ease of handling and the flexibility for higher pressure system innovation that is not practical for halons and HFCs. Specifying Novec 1230 fluid leverages these advances in fire suppression to protect your operations while eliminating future risks associated HFCs such as FM-200.

Why We Should Use Novec 1230

  1. Fast 
  2. Electrically non-conducting
  3. 5-day atmospheric lifetime
  4. Global warming potential <1
  5. Large margin of safety for occupied spaces
  6. Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)
  7. Zero global warming potential (GWP)

25 Best Application of novec 1230 fire suppression system

  1. Computer rooms
  2. Laboratories
  3. offshore Oil / gas exploration and production Facilities
  4. Telecommunication networks / centres / facilities
  5. Pharmaceutical and medical facilities
  6. Art galleries
  7. Comms Rooms
  8. Power generation & power storage
  9. Medical facilities.
  10. Record storage facilities
  11. Air traffic control centers
  12. Historical archive storage
  13. Control rooms
  14. Anechoic chambers
  15. Server rooms
  16. Libraries
  17. Telecommunication facilities
  18. Financial networks
  19. UPS Rooms
  20. Electric utilities
  21. DATA Centres
  22. Data centers
  23. Museums
  24. Marine vessels
  25. Medical equipment

Leading manufacuters and brands

3M Novec






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  2. NFPA 2001
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  4. kidde novec 1230
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  6. janus 1230

What Are the Detailed Physical Formula of Novec 1230 ?

PropertiesNovec 1230 fluid
Chemical FormulaCF3CF2C(O)CF(CF3)2
 Molecular Weight 316.04
 Boiling Point @ 1 atm  49.2⁰C (120.6⁰F)
 Freezing Point -108.0⁰C (-162.4⁰F)
 Critical Temperature  168.7⁰C (335.6⁰F)
 Critical Pressure  18.65 bar (270.44 psia)
 Critical Volume 494.5 cc/mole (0.0251 ft3/lbm)
 Critical Density  639.1 kg/m3 (39.91 lbm/ft3 )
 Density, Sat. Liquid  1.60 g/ml (99.9 lbm/ft3)
Density, Gas @ 1 atm0.0136 g/ml (0.851 lbm/ft3 )
Specific Volume, Gas @ 1 atm0.0733 m3/kg (1.175 ft3/lb)
Specific Heat, Liquid1.103 kJ/kg⁰C (0.2634 BTU/lb⁰F)
Specific Heat, Vapor @ 1 atm0.891 kJ/kg⁰C (0.2127 BTU/lb⁰F)
Heat of Vaporization @ boiling point88.0 kJ/kg (37.9 BTU/lb)
Liquid Viscosity @ 0⁰C/25⁰C0.56/0.39 centistokes
Vapor Pressure0.404 bar (5.85 psig)
Relative Dielectric Strength, 1 atm (N2=1.0)2.3