TERMS AND ABBREVIATIONS in fire protection

°C: °Centigrade

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
°F: °Farenheit

LED: Light Emitting Diode
A: Ampere

MEA: Materials and Equipment Acceptance
Division of the City of New York
AC: Alternating Current

NAC: Notification Appliance Circuit
ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act

N.C.: Normally Closed
AH: Ampere Hour

NEC: National Electrical Code
AHJ: Authority Having Jurisdiction

NFPA: National Fire Protection Association
ARC: Automatic Release Circuit

N.O.: Normally Open
AWG: American Wire Gauge

NYC: New York City
CSFM: California State Fire Marshal

PCB: Printed Circuit Board
DACT: Digital Alarm Comm. Transmitter

pF: Pico-farads
DC: Direct Current

P/N: Part Number
DET: Detector

PSU: Power Supply Unit
EOLD: End of Line Device

RAM: Random Access Memory
EOLR: End of Line Resistor

SLC: Signaling Line Circuit
FM: Factory Mutual

TB: Terminal Block
ft.: Feet

UL/ULI: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
HSD: High Sensitivity Smoke Detector

V: Volts
Hz: Hertz (Frequency)

Vac: Volts AC
in.: Inch

Vdc: Volts DC
IRI: Industrial Risk Insurers

VRMS: Volts Root Mean Square